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Many, many years ago, a small boy had a dream -- a dream which became a life's work. With no high school diploma and no further formal education, Robert (Bob) Kyp was a dreamer, a tinkerer, who liked taking things apart, analyzing their workings, and fixing things. At 16 years old, Bob began working in a factory making carbon filament lamps. The experience he gained in that job and tinkering of his own, eventually led to his own company (Kyp-Go), and a US Patent for an oscillating carbon filament bulb.

The oscillating filament bulb is referred to as the balafire bulb. That bulb gained in popularity in the 70's when it was showcased in a Seven-Up commercial. Though that particular bulb is no longer manufactured, new exicting versions of the bulb are now produced (by hand) in limited quantities. Additionally, Bob is involved in making several other carbon filament lamps. Each and every filament used in any of his lamps is hand made. Please see our products to view his line of lamps and where they can be currently purchased.


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