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Kyp-Go was founded in 1964 by Robert (Bob) Kyp. Bob's enthusiasm began while working in Chicago Glass factory when he was 16 then with an electronics company. During the early morning and in the evenings after work, he tinkered and conducted his own experiments - it was then that his thoughts began to germinate into starting a business. The business initially was operated in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, then moved to West Chicago, and then to St. Charles, Illinois where the business remained until 1992 (for 20 years). During the early years, Bob partnered with his two brothers, Jim and Tom to grow and further develop the business. In 1992, Bob moved to DeLand, FL and brought the business with him. We believe Kyp-Go to be the only manufacturer of carbon filament bulbs in the United States. The experiments that got him started in the business continue - Bob is in his shop every day pursuing new ideas.

From the beginning Kyp-Go has made only high quality Carbon-Filament bulbs and continues to provide products to foundations, museums, and restorations throughout the country. Each filament is hand made and shaped - not mass produced by machine. The bulbs are also used in everything from antique lamps to modern outlets and candelabra. Kyp-Go's bulbs are used by Disney, Epcot, the Edison Foundation, and several noteworthy Theatre's and museums. Throughout the years, Kyp-Go bulbs have been used in restaurants, historic homes and buildings - anywhere where turn of the century ambiance, or authenticity, is desired. Rather than high wattage, white light emitted by the common tungsten light bulbs, the carbon filament bulb emits a soft comforting glow combining efficiency and convenience with the character of candlelight. Picture yourself in the New Orleans French Quarter and the use of gas lighting, providing the "old time feel", like you were actually living at the time the historic homes were created -- at the turn of the century. That same feel can be obtained using the Balafire or Electric Flame at a fraction of the cost of continuous burning gas lamps. The hurricane lanterns on our home page give you some of that feel and look.

For those of us that remember the late 60's and 70's, Kyp-Go grew in popularity after developing the oscillating carbon filament bulb (Balafire) - that bulb was used in 7-Up advertising, as well as other advertising campaigns. A novelty bulb also used by 7-Up at that time was a bulb that had two sockets, one on top, and the 'active' one on the bottom. If you remember the "Un-Cola" ads then you might remember the "Undo It" bulb.

There are several retailers in the United States that carry bulbs manufactured by Kyp-Go. For many years, the companies focus has been on the stationary carbon filament bulbs (similar to the bulbs Edison developed in the late 1800's) - and that will continue. Most of the carbon filament bulbs that Kyp-Go produces are in the 30 to 60 watt range - the Balafire, Electric Flame, and candelabra are 15 watts. All Kyp-Go bulbs provide very nice, lovely lighting for many uses and last a very long time. In fact, one bulb that was developed in 1966 continues to work in the Kyp-Go facility till this day. Please see our products page.