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Thomas Edison Replica Lighting

Our vendors carry Kyp-Go's quality Carbon Filament bulbs and are located throughout the country.
Ambience Bulbs Contact via E-mail (click here), or by phone (386) 801 - 6467. Ambience carries the full line of Kyp-Go Carbon Filament products - Including the Balafire Flicker and Electric Flame.
B & P Lamp Supply, Inc. Contact by e-mail (click here)
House of Antique Hardware Portland, Oregon (888) 223-2545
Lighting Supply Company Ferndale, Michigan (800)544.2852
Rejuvenation.com Portland, Oregon (888)401-1900
Van Dyke's Restorers Mitchell, SD (800)787-3355

Wholesale Vintage/Period Lighting
rkyp@aol.com Wholesalers/Distributors wishing to discuss carrying Kyp-Go Lighting Products